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Halo G6 Ecig Kit


The Halo G6 Ecig Kit is an easy and compact ecig starter kit, that is smaller than a bic pen!

Unlike larger vapourisers the G6 is designed to be discreet, emitting much less vapour and taking much less space. The Halo G6 doesn't create huge clouds making it perfect for use in settings where discrete vaping is required like public gardens.

The Halo G6 Ecig Kit comes with all the parts needed to get you vaping and includes;
1 x Halo G6 65mm Automatic Battery
2 x Halo G6 Mini-Tank/Coil
1 x Halo USB charger
1 x Vapourium Case (Small)
1 x 10ml Eliquid from The Buyers Club (simply visit to view the available eliquid and put a note on your order to let us know what flavour you want. Buyers Club Membership may be needed for some options, simply sign up to view the options.)

You can find replacement tank/coils for the Halo G6 Ecig kit here. We also have necklace holders for the Halo G6 here