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Flawless Tugboat Series Box Mod


The Tugboat series box by Flawless is finally here and it is the series mechanical mod you were waiting for. It's got a custom circuit board, a standard 40amp blade fuse, great form factor and a beautiful matt finish. The user replaceable blade fuse is one of the coolest things we've seen on a mechanical mod in a while!

  • 40amp blade fuse (replaceable with any 40amp blade fuse)
  • Dual 18650 mech mod (series)
  • 510 connection

 The Flawless Tugboat series Boxmod requires two 18650 batteries, we would recommend the Sony VTC4 or LG HB6 for this device. You will also need an external Battery charger. The Efest LUC range is ideal, purchase one HERE.

As the Flawless Tugboat series Boxmod is a series device it is especially important to be aware of safe mechanical mod usage. Builds that would be safe on a tube mech may be unsafe to use on the Flawless Tugboat series Boxmod. Please ensure you are familiar with ohm's law, battery safety and mechanical mod usage prior to purchasing. Please see our Mechanical Mod Safety Guide for more details.

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