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Efest LUC V6


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Efest LUC 6 vape battery charger

The Efest LUC blu6 OLED Intelligent Charger is a high powered and advanced battery charger, perfect for keeping your vape running all day, regardless of use.

The Efest LUC V6 has 6 battery bays and can fit six 18650 batteries, or four 18650s and two 26650s. With a super intelligent charging system, this charger gives you the option of turning up the amps to whatever slot you choose up to 4 amps across all 6 bays. The outer two bays are capable of charging at a fast 2 amps.

Definitely our most advanced battery charger and one that will ensure your vape has charge through-out the day.


  • Single slot 5V/0.5-4A micro USB
  • High quality LCD screen that displays each battery voltage level
  • Auto cut-off voltage: 4.20