Efest Luc Blu6 LCD Intelligent Charger

Efest Luc Blu6 LCD Intelligent Charger

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An Intelligent Battery Charger That Connects To Your Phone!

The Efest LUC blu6 OLED Intelligent Charger is a high powered and advanced battery charger, perfect for keeping your vape running all day, regardless of use.

The Efest LUC blu6 OLED has 6 battery bays and can fit six 18650 batteries, or four 18650s and two 26650s. With a super-intelligent charging system, this charger gives you the option of turning up the amps to whatever slot you choose up to 4amp across all 6 bays. The outer two bays are capable of charging at a fast 2amp.
The Efest LUC blu6 OLED charger is also Bluetooth compatible with your phone, giving you the ability to see charging time and current charge in each battery that's charging.

Definitely our most advanced battery charger and one that will ensure your vape has charge through-out the day.

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