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Blem Lyfe Stackable Tube


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Avid vape customisation

The Blem Lyfe Stackable Tube connects to your Avid Lyfe Able mod to turn it into a series mechanical mod. 


  • Includes carbon fibre sleeve
  • Includes seperating magnets
  • Connects to any Avid Lyfe mod (Manhattan excluded)

Handy tips

Blem Lyfe products are those which weren't up to Avid Lyfe's rigorous cosmetic standards. They function identically to their non-Blem Lyfe counterparts. 

When you use an Blem Lyfe Stackable Tube you're using your batteries in series, doubling the voltage. When using a series device  it is especially important to be aware of safe mechanical mod usage. Builds that would be safe on a tube mech may be unsafe to use on the Blem Lyfe Stackable Tube. Please ensure you are familiar with ohm's law, battery safety and mechanical mod usage prior to purchasing. Please see our Mechanical Mod Safety Guide for more details.