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Vapourium, Vape Specialists

Vapourium is New Zealand’s first brick and mortar vape store - this means is we were the first dedicated store to vapourisers, ecigarettes, and eliquid. Vapourium is one of, if not the biggest online vapouriser retailer in New Zealand, and we owe our position in the market due to our pricing, individuality and exceptional customer service. We stock a huge range of vapourisers as well as manufacture and sell our own eliquid.

We are a team of very close friends and colleagues who have worked together in an industry that has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Because vaping is so new we’ve had to feel our way in the industry and build New Zealand’s vapouriser market, driving down costs of high quality vapourisers and setting the bar for eliquid manufacture.

We now have two stores based in Dunedin, with our original store in London St and another on Kind Edward St in South Dunedin. Follow this link to contact the vape stores.