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RDAs also known as Rebuildable Drip Atomisers or Attys are an advanced part of a vape rig. RDAs require the user to build their own coils (or in some cases install premade ones) which are then wicked with cotton and the eliquid is then dripped directly on the cotton/coil. RDAs typically feature a build deck, the RDA body, and a top cap with a drip tip.

An RDA build deck has a 510 thread to fit most vape batteries. The deck can have various configurations, some have a center positive post with 1 or 2 holes for your coil leads and negative posts either side also with lead holes, others have 2 posts either side of the deck a positive and negative. The build deck also has a juice well and occasionally air holes for bottom air flow.

The RDA body is usually the aesthetic part of the RDA, however they offer more than just looks. With a lot of RDAs the body has a series of air holes that can be used to alter the air flow, changing the intensity of flavour or volume of vapour.

The RDA top is usually designed to be removed so you can drip your eliquid on your coil. These have various sized holes and adapters to fit chuff caps or the standard 510 drip tip.