Low Strength Salts

If you’re on the hunt for smooth, mild, and delicious e-liquids in NZ, you’ll find something to tick all the right boxes in our low-strength salts range. The full Pure range at Vapourium has nicotine levels of 0mg and 3mg, giving you just enough to satisfy your nicotine craving. 

Our entire low-strength salts range is also made to the highest standards in our Class 7 ISO 146441:1, 14644:3 clean room, giving you peace of mind that Vapourium’s Pure range is pure quality.

Just how low are low-strength salts at Vapourium?

Not everyone needs high nicotine levels – we get it. You can purchase Pure e-liquids with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels.

What low-strength salt flavours are available to buy?

Here at Vapouruim, we offer Banana, Cola, and Blueberry nicotine salt e-liquids with low nicotine levels.