Premium Eliquids For Top Quality Vaping!

A wide range of eliquids helps you find the flavour you want to vape! Don't settle with sub-par eliquid flavours, we have something for everyone. Our Premium Imported Flavours are selected from the best eliquids available internationally, and our NZ e-liquids are all made locally in an ISO 6 Cleanroom by AVS, one of New Zealand's oldest and most trusted e-liquid brands. 



Are your e-liquids safe?

Yes! We select only the best imported e-liquids. Our NZ-made e-liquids are produced in ISO 6 cleanrooms by AVS – one of the oldest and most trusted e-liquid brands.

What e-liquid volumes are available?

We offer e-liquids in sizes ranging from 30mL through to 120mL bottles.

What flavour e-liquids does Vapourium offer?

Everything you can think of! From sweet desserts to traditional tobacco and everything in between. If you’re not sure what you think you will like, get in touch with our friendly team for recommendations.