Venessa's Story 2020 - #82

Venessa's Story 2020 - #82

"Growing up as kid, teenager then adult I was surrounded by smoking. Literally everyone smoked and social events were awful. I complained and protested to no avail and developed asthma in my teens.
I could never understand why the smokers couldn’t give up until after a marriage separation I met a new partner that smoked and due to my vulnerability, I used to have a smoke with them. Within six months I was buying a pack of 20 for myself. My Family were shocked due to my protests in my earlier years. So, I first picked up this habit at the age of 37 – menthol.

I tried vaping early on in 2010 when flavours and eliquids weren’t as pleasant and effective as they are today, so it didn’t work back then.
Mid 2019 I started using the Stratus pod device with Luce flavoured pods, 5%. This to me tasted the most like tobacco. The less I smoked tobacco the less I started to like the tobacco flavour and I moved to a sweeter tobacco flavour Golden Kentucky which is now my daily go to.

It took me 2 – 3 months to cut down to zero tobacco and having gone through the process which I found very difficult I realised exactly why it is so difficult to give up and just has disgusting tobacco tastes and smells. I even apologised to my children because when you smoke tobacco you don’t realise this fact.
Within 4 weeks of 100% vaping was no longer coughing daily, I no longer needed and to date have still not needed my 2 asthma inhalers I used almost daily, Seretide and Ventolin. My sleep apnoea also completely disappeared. My taste buds continue to improve, and everything tastes sweeter & saltier.

I searched high and low for the right device and flavour but until I found Stratus, I had failed to give up using 10 or more pod devices and sub-ohm devices.
My background is pharmaceutical so I tried patches and gum and I could literally smoke with a patch on and the gum is so foul I couldn’t chew it for longer than 30 seconds. Champix made me feel like I was going to die after just 2 days. A little while ago I tried the nicotine pouches, and not only does it look stupid under one's lips but it burned for half an hour after only using it for a minute.
If it wasn’t for vaping technology and Stratus and Stratus flavour’s I would still be smoking 40+ day which was costing me a fortune.

I believe strongly that if you find the right device, the right flavour and the right nicotine level that anyone can quit tobacco. Find your sweet spot and you will be forever grateful that you did, I certainly am." 


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