Tom's Story 2017 #2

Tom's Story 2017 #2

Unlike many of New Zealand’s vapers, Thomas had already quit smoking by the time he took up vaping. As a hobbiest who likes to keep up to date with the latest in technology, it’s no wonder he was drawn to the vapelife that many of us have come to know and love. In fact his quote on the matter sums it up pretty nicely, "I saw vaping as a new hobby as it boasted a plethora of intricacy and science behind it. I am the type who keeps up to date with technology and am an avid hobbiest so I saw great potential in this new medium."

Although Tom wasn't a smoker when he first started vaping, it was a converted smoker that first introduced him to the lifestyle. Starting off like so many of us do with the standard pen styled eGo vape, in the 3 years Tom has been vaping his collection has grown extensively, he partially blames this on his esteem as a vape reviewer in New Zealand, always buying new products in order to review them. Now boasting a collection of 30 mods and roughly 60 atomisers, Tom can't hide the fact that he has an affinity for shiny new toys. Particularly mods which contain the DNA chip, which make up at least 4 of the mods in his collection.

With new legislations around vaping coming in soon, the future of vaping is a hot topic in New Zealand. While Tom is aware of the stigma around vaping, he believes most of this is down to misinformation. "I believe that it is the future. The amount of vapers in Auckland alone is rising incrementally to the point where walking down the street you now see more vapers than smokers, and to me that is a great achievement."

During his time vaping, Tom has made some amazing friends in the vape community, people who he would never have come across if it weren't for this one thing that they have in common. People like Cam (Co-Star in Vaping Iwi), who encouraged Tom to continue doing product reviews and have had a huge influence in keeping him going with his own E-Liquids company.

We're running out of time today, so I asked Tom if he had anything he would like to say to the Vaping Community at large, and his reply was one of encouragement.

"If we all fight together towards vaping being 100% legal in New Zealand, we can win the battle for our right to vape but to get there we have to join forces no matter the indifference."

I feel lucky to have been able to spend the time I have with Tom at Auckland Vape Day, and look forward to seeing more of him around this community.

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