Tessa's Story 2018 #26

Tessa's Story 2018 #26

"I was pregnant with my 5th baby and baby was having growth issues. My midwife suggested vaping as a safer alternative. Plus, with a fairly large family, cigarettes weren't affordable. It took me well over a year to get the set up and juice that worked for me. I didn't have a lot of advice to work off and made quite a few costly mistakes. Things such as pg vg sub ohm etc meant nothing to me lol I've since found out I can't tolerate high pg juice and high nicotine can give me some side effects, but ive finally found my comfort zone. I do still struggle with cravings for a cigarette, mainly because I can't alter my nic levels, so I try to stick to fruit and mint mixes as the mint gives me the throat hit I need. I can't say I've saved any money yet as everything is still going out on my set ups, but I can definitely see how it's so much cheaper than smoking My family love the fact that I've given up the stinkies, and say the vape smells so much better "

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