Sibylle's Story 2018 #35

Sibylle's Story 2018 #35

"I have been smoking for 27 years with a couple of unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking. In 2000 I tried to stop for the first time with not much success. In 2006 another attempt after having a pulmonary embolism and the doctors urged me to stop. Well, I managed to stop but only for 9 months and then I was back smoking again. In the back of my head was always the fear to develop another clot again as they discovered I have clotting disorder (after my PE) and smoking could be lethal. I stopped smoking again in 2013 while I was pregnant (because it just tasted yuck and made me feel sick) and managed to stay on this path for another 4 months after I had my kids. But then 2 family members died and due to the stress I was back smoking. But smoking got more and more unaffordable so I had to find a way to stop. I tried champix, chewing gums, and all the other stuff but nothing worked. Then last year I saw a report on TV about vaping and making it legal in NZ and how much cheaper it would be so I thought I'll give it a try and ordered a kit straight away. From the first day I was hooked. I tried to smoke again after 2 weeks but it was disgusting and I never had another try since. I even got hubby to start vaping and stop smoking. Needless to say the awesome juices available make it so much easier. We are saving about $100 a week each and don't smell like ashtrays anymore! I definitely recommend vaping to everyone who wants to stop smoking. Give it a try! When anything else fails this might be your way to stop for good like it was for us!"

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