Roger's Story 2018 #36

Roger's Story 2018 #36

"I had been smoking since I was 13years old, back in the the day when a pack of 25's was 💰4.80. back then it wasn't as tabboo as it is now. Starting working full-time at 16, ciggy intake increased. At age 26 wanted to give up so made the decision to quit. Unfortunately I started on the Monday but Friday after work went for a beer, thought I'll just have one smoke which lead to 2 then 3 and next thing back smoking full time. Fast forward another 16 years and noticed these people next to where I was working vaping so just rolled on up and starting asking questions. Turns out they were both ex smokers 1 6months off ciiggys the other 11months. Next thing you know I'm on the net ordering my first vaping which was the t20s with 12mg juice. Coughed my left lung up with my first try lol. But I'm now 7 weeks off smokes and haven't had any desire since I quit. I look at people smoking now and cringe at how much it's cost. I often get people coming up to me when I'm out asking me questions, my answer is always the same go vaping you won't regret it."

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