Ray's Story 2018 #62

Ray's Story 2018 #62

"After smoking for almost 35 years and trying many times to give up. I had tried everything, when I first started smoking I was hugely overweight, 187kg and had heard that cigarettes were a hunger suppressant I was smoking 2-3 packs a day. I had tried everything to give up, patches, gum, lozenges. The patches gave me a rash and the gum and lozenges just made me feel ill.

On my 50th birthday a really good friend of mine gave me a voucher for the Vapourium. It allowed me to get a vapour, a pack of coils and 5 different flavours to try. Now 11 months later I've settled on the flavour that I like, Jamaican rum. When I got my vapour I had a packet of cigarettes and ended up throwing them out. On my birthday my daughter took a photo of her and I, then took another photo 3 months later, the difference was shocking. Clear skin, no bags under my eyes, and just sooo much healthier looking. I've got my taste buds back, I feel so much better and now look forward to one day walking my daughter down the isle when she gets married and spending quality time with my grandchildren.

So in closing thanks Vapourium you guys are absolute stars "

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