Marie's Story 2018 #43

Marie's Story 2018 #43

"2017...Not a great year. After a whole lot of stress and very precarious finances, my smoking had got out of hand...a pack of thirty tailor-mades per day. I couldn't smoke roll-your-owns anymore, they ripped my throat and made me cough so hard. Every morning was coughing. Every trip to the dairy to buy more smokes was guilt-ridden, I was barely surviving financially and really couldn't do it anymore. One day I took the plunge, went into my nearest vape store and got a pen vape. It helped a lot, but I really had to stick at it. I caved once, early April (which is why I put my quit date as 31 April) cigarette tempted me. It was freezing but I went outside and lit it. I sat outside in the cold and thought about all the nights I had sat outside in stressful times recently, chain smoking and upset. And how much money it was costing me...and how bad my cough had got. I sat there smoking this last cigarette and thinking all these things, and I got mad at being chained to the habit. I finished it, it tasted like an old sock...went inside to my warm fire and my cats, and brushed my teeth :) Still have the odd urge for a cigarette after almost ten months, but don't ever want to go back :)"

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