Mandy's Story 2018 #54

Mandy's Story 2018 #54

"I was skeptical about whether vaping would work for me. I was a heavy smoker, I went through 75-90g of tobacco a week. I enjoyed smoking and a big part of me didn't want to quit. But I had a nasty smokers cough that just wouldn't go away, I found myself short of breath often and ciggies were costing me more than I could afford. I'd heard of people having success with vaping so decided to give it a go. My first unit was ok but not great, a friend recommended Vapourium and I reached out for some advice, I was looking for more vapour. They suggested a unit that was well within my budget and simple for a newbie like me, they didn't try to push complicated expensive units on me at all, they found what was right for me. I decided to set a date and make the switch.

Since that day in February I honestly haven't had a single puff of a cigarette and nor do I want to. Vaping is all the things I liked about smoking without the things I didn't like. I still get the break/time out, I still get to puff away happily and I get the nicotine hit but there's none of the nasties, my cough is gone, my sense of taste has improved, my wallet is much better off, my car and clothes don't stink and it tastes so much better! I don't feel like I'm missing out at all, i had no grouchy side effects I just seemlessly switched over. I definitely couldn't have done it without vaping! If you're thinking of switching it's worth trying! If you don't like the first flavour you try, experiment a but before you give up you'll likely find something that you do love. I was a menthol smoker and So Fresh So Clean is my everyday vape, I've tried several menthol flavours but this is the best by far! "

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