Krystina's Story 2018 #40

Krystina's Story 2018 #40

"I first discovered vaping or e-cigarettes 8 years ago when I purchased a small e-cigarette from the chemist, it contained no nicotine but it helped! I ended up being smoke free for 6months then life and stresses got the better of me and I took up the nasty habit again. Fast forward many years when I was in a better space in my life and I thought back to that little e-cigarette, I still had it but no cartridges so after a quick google I saw how huge vaping had become. I ordered a pen style vape and I was away, that same Christmas I purchased one for my Mum who after 30 odd years of smoking wanted to quit too. After an upgrade to a better mod I’m well and truly smoke free all thanks to vaping! I’m saving money and I feel miles healthier, I hadn’t realised how much I was destroying my body with smoking until I made the switch."

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