Kingston's Story 2018 #60

Kingston's Story 2018 #60

"I was sick of always running out of money half way through the week because I had to buy cigarettes, and after 3 years of smoking (since age 15!) I decided to stop. I borrowed the money for one last pack and spent what I could on a T18 kit from another site, this lasted me about a 2 weeks before I decided I needed a bit more of a kick and upgraded to an eleaf pico. I am using part pay to chip away at the cost of this new vape, and have a massive bottle of cloud therapy on my desk, with 3 new flavours coming through in a couple days. I've cleaned up and given my T18 to my partner, and we aren't looking back. It was scary to spend so much on something I didn't know if I would stick with, but in a few more weeks i'll be saving so much money! My pico has a custom logo on the LED screen for motivation, so whenever I even think about smoking, or see someone else smoking, I look down and see "F**K CANCER" and remind myself it's worth it."

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