Jodi's Story 2017 #7

Jodi's Story 2017 #7

"After 18 years of smoking, it happened that dreaded c-word I was in shock about to lose half my tongue I have kids as young as one will I ever be able to sing them lullabies the first thing I did after leaving the Dr's office was light a smoke the stress I said. But I couldn't continue smoking I wanted to be around for my kids and smoking isn't going help heal my tongue so I took the plunge I brought a vape I'm now smokefree something I never even thought I would be my asthma better my tongue got a chance to heal and going outside and vaping still works for that stress or break and I get excited over the new flavors I can try I love the vaping community they are honestly awesome and there to help I wouldn't be wit out my vape now."

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  • Well done babe, that’s awesome absolutely I am so proud of you. I was vaping I relapsed after family stress. I love how you did that to stay alive and well for your beautiful children which you deserve to see grow up. Just wow congratulations sweetie proud is all I can say. Keep up the excellent work. Kia kaha 💜

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