Jen's Story 2018 #47

Jen's Story 2018 #47

"I tried to give up many times before, through patches, lozenges, cold turkey, peppermints and that silly book, one even with one of those crappy early e-cigs that tasted nasty none of it worked, mainly because I didn't want to give up. However, it came to a head for me last year. Having no job in 2017, smoking was taking a huge toll on my bank account, to the point I was saving my butts and re-rolling them when I ran out. Pretty gross...even back then the smell was bad. Not only was it the money issue, I had developed a nasty cough and what came up each morning was totally health was suffering by this point. I was getting VERY sick every single year when I got a cold. I believe I still would have my tonsils and adenoids if I wasn't smoking. Then my hubby got a little Endura T18 to try to kick his cigar habit. I tried it and thought "this isn't too bad", and within a week, I had my own Endura and a bottle of 12mg juice. I don't know why, but this was extraordinarily exciting for me...a strange little device, a bottle of dark coloured liquid that smelled like fruit...omigosh! Now, I have Aspergers, and before the Endura, one of my obsessions was smoking. I didn't want to give it up. Cigarettes had always been there for me, even when no-one else was, most of my friends smoked, that ciggie packet by my side was a constant and the only thing that could help calm me down during an Aspie meltdown. I finished what was to be my last cigarette on the night of August 7th 2017, not knowing, that would be the last time I ever picked one up. I woke the next morning and fired up my Endura...the last 3 cigarettes in my packet lay in my cubby, forgotten. I gave them away after a week, as I didn't need them any more. Vaping became and, forever will be, my overnight miracle, my new obsession. I watched everything I could find, read everything I could find as well. I scoffed at all the myths and still can't understand why people even bother to ask about them when all the info they need is there to be found. I dropped from a 12mg to a 3 in 4 months, and now I can't stand any more than a 1.5mg...most of my juices are actually 0mgs, and I own 8 devices, 6 of which I use regularly. My little Endura is still with me, though she is retired and sits on my shelf with the placing of my first little lifesaver. I urge anyone who is looking to give up to get a pen and juice and give it a shot. Without it, I wouldn't have got my life back."

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