Devanee's Story 2018 #24

Devanee's Story 2018 #24

"My partner and i were smokers and have been since i was about 15. Our children started smoking aswell but to young and broke to buy any!! So they would hound us for some aswell. It was getting way to costly having to support them as well, we were forking out just over $180 a week for smokes. I had had enuff and said to my other half its time to give up and i was way over smoking and ready to do it!!!. We done lots of research on what vape would best suit us as we were more mouth to lung sort of people. So we brought an aspire zelos its been over 5 months and have not touched a ciggy or even had the urge. :) its been the best way to give up and if i had of known it would be that easy with a vape i wouldve done it long ago. And we now have extra money for other stuff :)"

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