Anonymous Story 2018 #3

Anonymous Story 2018 #3

"My mother-in-law passed away from pancreatic and liver cancer and I watched her quickly slip from a beautiful vibrant woman to a tiny framed weak woman who was constantly in pain, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done watching her pass, I decided then that I would cut back on smoking. One day my brother in law popped around home with an e-cig kit and some juice, I gave it a go, I didn't love the fruity flavours and so asked where I could get actual tobacco nicotine juice and ordered some from the states, it was fab, right then I threw away the lighter and havent looked back. I was also trying to concieve, a struggle we had been going through for 7 years. Vaping helped me stop smoking, by lowering the nicotine levels I easily got down to 3mg and then 0mg. I was so rapt as was my hubby whose a nonsmoker. I'm happy to say we now have a beautiful 18-month-old little girl and couldn't be happier!"

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