Anonymous Story 2018 #76

Anonymous Story 2018 #76

"On a nice day that was rather busy I was already running late to meeting some friends, coupled with heavy rain I decided to run to the bar where we were meeting. And it struck me I wasn’t able to run 100 meters without panting for a breath of air. I started to panic but I brushed it off as nothing but humidity. I didn’t realise it but I was making excuses so that I can continue to smoke. So I did.

A few days later a sharp stinging pain started to occur at the tips of my fingers. I was afraid; I was hoping that the black spots that formed weren’t cancer. I went to see a doctor and she had looked at me and said that if I want to keep my fingers and limbs I better stop smoking immediately.

She said it so abruptly I could feel it hit me like a brick wall. I could feel my body go numb from the shock. I told myself I want to live I want to stay alive I’m so young, it’s not fair! But I couldn’t help the craving of nicotine.

I had tried gum, patches but none worked as I wanted and needed. A friend had showed me that there’s a device that has nicotine. I thought it was so amazing so ingenious. So I set out to get my hands on the first one I saw. I saved up the money and borrowed some from friends and scraped it together and got one. I told myself that I will slowly reduce the nicotine amount and I will stop smoking.

I found a website in my area, all I needed was any flavour and nicotine juice. The guy helped me out. I was so happy. The pain in my fingers disappeared and I slowly got my fitness back and now I am smoke free for two and half years. And I am happy."

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