Anonymous Story 2018 #72

Anonymous Story 2018 #72

"I first tried a pen vape about 3 years ago, didn't mind it, but something wasn't doing it for me. I went back to cigarettes for around a year. During that year I spend upwards of 30 dollars a day, making sure my habit was the first thing I paid for, no matter what I missed out on that I needed more, including food. I had heard from a few friends that the variety and types of vapes had progressed massively, so I decided to give it another go. My first actual mod was a q-box and wasn't really the best, but paved the way for the future mods I moved onto. Instead of reverting back to cigarettes, I tried different mods and flavours until I found a combo that worked for me, and I've never looked back.

I've now been smoke free for 2 years, have tried almost every flavour Vapourium stocks, and have a select few I always go back to.

The reason I use Vapourium Dunedin only is not only the service, but the environment, the people, and the good vibes that come with every visit. I have not found a store similar, and each time I've walked in, I've walked out with more than what I asked for, whether it be some free juice, or other vape related items. The points system used with the stamp cards is also great, as I don't think there's been a time when they havent thrown a couple of extra stamps on the card for me, as I live 150km away and exclusively use their store.

10/10 recommend for all your vaping needs."

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