Anonymous Story 2018 #48

Anonymous Story 2018 #48

"Had a few friends who vaped and raved about the ease of quitting the snouts. I was smoking a 30gm every 2 1/2 days and it was becoming increasingly unfinancial (is that a word lol ). A good friend offered me a V8 stick they'd won and a bottle of juice for a great price. Being sceptical about such claims of smoking cessation aids I gave a try. From smoking 40 odd roll your own the previous day, my intake went to a mere 6 the day I started vaping. Has been a continuing journey ever since. And can proudly say I'm smoke free after a 34 year habit. The benefits of vaping I can't say enough about and my health and well-being speaks volumes. At first I was cloud chasing on tanks and regulated mods. For the past 8 month's I've progressed to rebuildable decks and have come to enjoy the diversity of flavours. Now I've become somewhat of an advocate for vaping to all concerned. Thanks for the opportunity to share my journey."

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