Anonymous Story 2018 #44

Anonymous Story 2018 #44

"The first few weeks I started vaping my ex kept saying how its disgusting and its staining the room permanently with vapour as well she continued to say it was just as bad as tobacco and possibly even worse. Surprisingly my ex was full of s**t and she had no idea what she was talking about... Wasn't the first time mind you. Anyway, slowly but surely I started to cough less and have less mucous in my lungs. I slowly felt healthier and better. As well as vaping was also giving me the nicotine hit I had come to love. After a while from vaping in my room I noticed... No permanent odour or staining from my vapourizer. My ex. it turned out, was wrong on every single point. I loved vaping from then on despite using a piece of c**p $30 vape. I didn't ever buy a pack of smokes ever again and life has change for the better. As well I dumped the ex and life has been awesome 3-4 years later still vaping and loving it."

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