Anonymous Story 2018 #33

Anonymous Story 2018 #33

"I started vaping last year as I was blowing $250+ a week on tobacco I was always wheezing and short of breath and could never walk very far and always struggled to walk up hills, I was suffering interrupted sleep during the night as I would always be woken by massive coughing fits and it got to the stage I would be out of breath just walking to the mail box and was starting to get pain in the chest. I knew it was time I had to kick the smoking habit before the smokes killed me. I had bought a vape in 2016 but failed to keep up with it and just left it sitting in the door of my car September last year I picked the vape back up and gave it a good clean out put in a spare coil I had located some juice I had bought and started using it again since then I have never looked back. Before I took up vaping I had tried all of the other treatments like champix which I had to stop due to having suicidal thoughts and then there were the patches gum and mouth sprays none of them worked for me but vaping has. If you are looking at taking up vaping to kick the stinkies I encourage you to do it because it works. Smoking is dead vaping is the future and that future is right now you can make it your future too."

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