Anonymous Story 2018 #19

Anonymous Story 2018 #19

"I was highly stressed with having the inability to work due to my appendix being removed could hardly walk, so I had to do something to save the little money I had. About 2 months after my appendix was removed I was able to go back to work then two weeks later the unimaginable happens. Yet with out breaking bones I seriously damaged nerves in my elbow there for costing me my job and ended up unpaid an unable to work again for another 2 months. So in a panic I begged a family member to give me a job in coromandel under the provider I was in charge of jobs I do to result in less pain got my elbow. And then I got stuck up there for 3 months struggling to make money due to the weather, and then with needing csr repairs to come home I did decided i would buy another car from a friend so I promptly paid that off while the weather was good, 2 days before I was due to head back to Dunedin I got a phone call with a job offer in Dunedin, so I left as soon as I could. Everything just felt like it was all falling into place for me really felt like my life was finally getting better..... Then boom December comes along and somthing happened woke up one morning struggling to move so my parter helped me get into the shower and then she took me to the hospital. I was having several back spasms, so the doctors gave me three days off work and yet again unpaid, so I though we'll alright then took the days off an returned to work then on the 1st day of 2018 during work I collapsed in back spasms and since that day I've been unable to work struggling with day to day life and what used to be a simple thing is now a challenge, now the only one I can do the one thing I love is to use a vaporiser, the only way I can simply afford, but the conclusion to my story is thank you guys all for helping me choose a great device a smoke v8 and Priv v8 both are amazing and have done nothing but make me feel great while still enjoying nicotine. Thank you very much also I like the online ordering an delivery as you can imagen just how hard it is to get in the car an drive from Mosgiel to Dunedin. "

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