Anonymous Story 2018 #15

Anonymous Story 2018 #15

"Patches didn’t work, gum didn’t work, cold turkey definitely didn’t work, cutting back only worked to a certain point... I could never fully quit smoking. Even the first e-cig/vape I got didn’t provide me with the satusfaction I needed or got from the stinky ciggys. Fortunately I noticed vaping becoming more popular, I had more mates who were quitting because of it etc so I was determined to try it properly and after spending $100 on a decent 80w mod and tank setup I was all set (the first one I got was only a $35 starter kit pen thing which didn’t do the job and I still wanted to smoke). 17th may 2017 I quit and I’ve had 2 ciggys since (when Ive run out of batteries or juice while on the piss) and hated every puff, both times I couldn’t even finish it and that was after having at least ten ciggys a day for 12 years up until last may. Now I have 2 mods worth about $220 all up, which have lasted me since I started and will keep going (I’ve got one for the house and one for the car) and I buy coils cheap as off eBay (approx $2 each) and I go through about 30mls of 3mg juice a week (roughly $15). Considering I was spending $60-$80 per week on smokes before my money problems are fixed and I feel way better health wise. Not to mention I’m kinda proud of myself. Vape on. Vape naysh."

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