Andy's Story 2018 #50

Andy's Story 2018 #50

"Both my wife and I have been smoking for approximately 35 or more years and in that time have tried quitting 6 or 7 times. We have tried the patches, lozenges, stop smoking programmes... You name it... we've tried it. But inevitably fell back on the smokes... That was however until just before new years eve when we had decided to invite a few friends and family around for a bbq. We had noticed a few of them were vaping and were curious to find out more. My wife decided to take the plunge and order 2 starter packs for her and I.... The were cheap enough so we envisaged that we weren't losing anything by trying vaping... And if it didn't work be it. 7 days on... And still vaping, the results as far as we can tell have been nothing short of incredible! From both being heavy smokers to purely vaping has amazed not only ourselves but our friends as well.. We love it.

It's only early days admittedly but we don't suffer tobacco cravings and have not once thought about having a smoke.. Even when we are drinking alcohol which normally be our biggest test as far as laying off the tobacco. It's amazing."

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