What Type Of Coil Should I Choose For My Tank?

What Type Of Coil Should I Choose For My Tank?

What Type Of Coil Should I Choose For My Tank? 

There are many different kinds of coils for your tank, but what are they and what do they do? 

If you have ever owned a vape tank, you probably know by now that there are heaps of different coils to chose from. Most tanks come with 2 different coils in the box when they are new to help you find your favourite. 

Every tank is different, and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally follow the same rule, so ill be vague to make sure that the information here applies to all different kinds of tanks. 

You will need to pick the specific coil designed for your tank. For example, if you have an Innokin Zlide Tank, you cant put Innokin Plex Coils in it. You need to use Zlide Coils for the Zlide Tank. While there are a few tanks that are compatible with other coils, as a general rule you will need to use the coil specifically designed for your tank or it will not fit. 

There are usually a few different varieties of coils made for your tank. These coils will have different "resistances" which is an electrical measurement which put simply, determines how much power you need to use it on your vape. Resistance is measured in ohms, and an example of this is "Innokin Zlide Coils 1.6ohm". 


  • The higher your resistance, the less power it requires to use. Higher resistance tank coils around 1ohm (e.g.  0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm, 1.8ohm etc) is great for mouth to lung vaping ( Similar to a cigarette ).
  • Higher resistance coils don't drain the battery very quickly compared to low resistance coils, but produce less vapour. With less vapour you get less nicotine in each puff, so high resistance coils are best for high strength nicotine eliquids like nicotine salt. 


  • Lower resistance coils (e.g. 0.10ohm, 0.15ohm, 0.2ohm, 0.5ohm) are coils that draw heaps of power and are better for massive vapour clouds. 
  • Lower resistance coils will drain your battery faster, but deliver more vapour, so you get a better flavour and effectively get more nicotine in each draw. 

Some manufacturers have both standard coils and mesh coils. Standard coils are usually just a wire that is wound into a coil to make the heating element. Mesh coils use a piece of mesh opposed to a wire which can make heating more consistent giving you better flavour. These play less of a difference to your vape than resistance, but can be a great alternative to your standard coil but the differences are mainly down to user preference. 

Another type of coil are CCell coils which are made from a porous ceramic material opposed to cotton. These can last a little longer than cotton coils but this is not always the case. Ceramic coils are best for people who would like to vape thicker VG eliquids in smaller devices or prescription CBD eliquids. 





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