There are all sorts of e-liquids out there to choose from, but where to start?

Beginner Vapers

If you are cutting down or quitting smoking, you need to find your nicotine level. 6mg is generally pretty good for 10 a day to about a pack a day, so works well for most starters, but this is also dependent on the device you are using. Smaller, constricted vapes might be better suited to a higher strength, but 6mg is a good starting point for most people to find their preferences. You could also consider a Nicotine Salt if you have a “pod” device.

As flavour is very subjective, and everyone prefers certain flavours depending on their palette it can be tough to decide your first flavour.

I think the best advice is to start with small bottles. If you only commit to a smaller bottle, you aren't going to be stuck vaping a flavour you don't like. There is also a thing we call vapers tongue, which is a phenomenon where your taste buds fall asleep to the flavour if you have been vaping it too much, so it's good to chop and change to keep your tastebuds alert.

Vapourium has a handy 3 for $50 deal for our 30ml bottles, so this can help you pick a variety of juices to help you decide.

I started vaping Mild Black (baseline tobacco flavour) as I was craving cigarettes, but found Jamaican Rum (Rolling tobacco) too sweet, after a few weeks I tried RY4 (vanilla and cinnamon tobacco) and found it to be a refreshing change. As RY4 has sweeter, smoother elements to it I decided to try similar flavours without tobacco and found Sansa’s Lemon Cake and Blueberry Shortcake to my liking. From this, I decided I preferred cakey/creamy flavours over fruity flavours, and from there I began my exciting journey into the world of cake like flavours.

If you are new to vaping, you might want to check out our blog post aimed to debunk frequently asked questions by people new to the world of vaping.

Seasoned Vapers

Once you have been vaping for a while, you pick up on what you do and don’t like to vape.

Currently, we have six distinct categories of e-liquid flavours.

Cakey, Creamy, Fruity, Drinks / Candy, Tobacco, Minty / Menthol.

I find most customers prefer e-liquids that are defined by a category, and are looking for something with ( for example a Vanilla Base) so I would encourage them to try e-liquids in the cakey and creamy categories.

I change categories based on my mood, and currently I find I prefer fruity flavours during the day, and cakey flavours during the evening. I started vaping minty/menthol flavours this winter as they fit in well with my mood when walking to work on frosty mornings.  Occasionally I vape tobacco flavours if I am around smokers or going out to social events, but my palate has changed and I find tobacco flavours a little boring now after experiencing so many delicious fruity flavours. Many vapers have a favourite ADV (all day vape), but this is completely down to personal opinion. My current favourite ADV is Yeah Nah Nah, as it is max VG, I find it easy to vape and the flavour is the perfect balance of fruity sweet notes on a deep banana base.

You might also want to consider the composition of your eliquid if you are a regular vaper. Some people have PG sensitivities and find vaping e-liquids with a higher PG composition leaves them with a dry mouth or sore throat. While PG is an excellent flavour carrier and makes some coils last longer, if you own a ‘cloud chasing’ tank or a dripper you might want to consider Max VG e-liquids instead. Max VG e-liquids tend to produce a little more vapour than PG heavy juices, and can be less harsh to vape if you are a frequent vaper. You can read more about PG vs VG HERE.

If you're not 100% about deciding, pop in to one of our stores and try our testers. We have testers available for all of the juices we manufacture plus a couple of our favourite imported flavours. Our staff have excellent knowledge of juice, and will be able to bump you in the direction of your flavour preference.

Below is a list of my favourite flavours defined by their category, If you see a flavour on the list you enjoy, try something else in the category.

Cakey Flavours: Blueberry Shortcake, Sansas Lemon Cake, Anzaac, Anything from the Dinner Lady Collection , Cupcake Kisses, Electronic Sandwich, anything from the FRYD collection and Aotearoa Ejuice Vanilla Cupcake

Creamy Flavours: Vanilla Beanie, Hasseltoff, Hazamel, Caffiend, Cloud Therapy Custard Cure, C.R.E.A.M, Shalins Milk, Fryd Cookies and Cream, Lenola Cream, Fryd Icecream, Fryd Cream Cake, Colors Gold, N3on Chromatic Custard and Vape Organics Apple Caramelo

Fruity Flavours: Deez Melons, Cream, Stoned Fruits, Manguava, Strawvery, Yeah Nah Nah, Anything from the Burst range, Colors Fruits, Colors Red, Lips n Drips Tropical Kisses, Fusion Kishu Plum, Aorearoa Ejuice Strawberry Kiwi, Anything From Charlies Chalkdust Pachamama Series and Fresh Pressed Salts range

Drink/ Candy Flavours: Cherry Cola, Energy Drank, Codak Cola, Sowah Patch, Sher Burst, Colors Sour, Lips and Drips Gummy Kisses, Tokyo Ramune Collection, Charlie’s Chalkdust Wonder Worm, Salty Man Kacti Cooler and Salty Man Blues Lemonade

Tobacco Flavours: RY4, Jamaican Rum, Mild Black, Aotearoa Ejuice Golden Kentucky, Mint As Tbac, Anything by Black Note (Highly recommended) and Mr Salt-E Tobacco

Minty/ Menthol Flavours: Anything in the Chill Range, So Fresh So Clean, Aoteroa E-juice Nek Minty, Charlies Chalkdust Black Ice Menthol, Vape Organics Blackberry Mint and Mint As Tbac.


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