How Environmentally Friendly is Vaping?

How Environmentally Friendly is Vaping?

Vaping has provided solutions to so many problems that smoking has caused, but we shouldn't focus solely on health benefits. 

Cigarette butts are terrible for the environment and can be a fire hazard if flicked into a rubbish bin. The filters are mainly plastic, and the cigarette butts in the gutters wash out to sea, where the filters are eaten by sea creatures. People don't think that flicking a cigarette butt is littering because they are wrapped in paper and so small, but if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and don't put your butts in an ashtray, that's over 7000 cigarette butts a year effectively going out to sea. 

Vaping is a fantastic way of reducing our waste, but we still need to be considerate when choosing a vape to further reduce plastic and electronic waste. 

As many vapes are low-cost portable electronics, people tend to throw them out and buy a new one, as this can be cheaper than repairing them. 

Vapourium has a 3 month return policy if you ever receive a faulty product, and we are happy to take care of this for you, however sometimes you might be out of warranty, or your vape might have stopped working because you dropped it into the toilet or something (trust me, it happens to the best of us). You should always drop into your local cellphone, tablet or laptop repair shop before running down to your vape shop and just buying a new one. Most cellphone repair shops are more than capable of repairing a faulty vape. Ask for a quote to see how much a repair will cost, sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you are environmentally conscious, you might want to consider buying a vape that uses a tank with coils instead of disposable or refillable pods. Pods generally have a shorter lifespan than conventional coils and contain a lot of plastic. Even better than conventional coils,  you could consider an RDA, RBA or RDTA. These are completely rebuildable and by far the most environmentally friendly way to vape. You only need to throw out the burnt cotton, which is completely biodegradable. 

One thing you should ALWAYS avoid are products that are marketed as "disposable vapes".

Disposable vapes are generally pods which have a sealed eliquid reservoir and an internal battery without a recharge port designed by companies looking to sell more of their products. They can be appealing to people who are just testing the waters or looking for a quick back up on the go. 

These products are designed without any consideration of what happens next. There is heaps of plastic, nicotine (which is very toxic to aquatic life) and a friggin lithium-ion battery inside it. You cant throw these out with your domestic waste as they can be a fire hazard ( when compacted, the battery ruptures and combusts) and most battery recycling centres need the battery extracted before it is of any use to them. 

The worst part is, most disposable vapes could easily be designed with a battery charging circuit. It's not that it's expensive or difficult to produce, its deliberately designed so that when you run out of eliquid or battery life, you have to buy another one. 

As we see vaping rise and litter reduced, we are also seeing the nature of the industry change. Is a $10 dollar vape REALLY worth it? I mean, you can buy a number of different refillable/rechargeable vapes for $30 that can last you for weeks or months without needing replacement pods, and years before the battery gives out, so why settle with a $10 vape that lasts an evening.  

Although it might be convenient and quick if you are just fiending a puff, it's probably more harmful to the environment than 20 ciggie butts in the gutter. 

Time for a shameless plug brought to you by the friendly folks down at Vapourium. 

Picture this, you just finished eating lunch in town and your vape is incognito, there are vape retailers nearby, so you have a few options. 

  • Buy smokes and embrace the acrid smell, flick your butts in the gutter because fish never did anything for you anyway and just put up with halitosis and coughing up little bits of tar mid yarn but play it off like its normal. Only $30 and jam-packed full of cancer.

  • Buy 2 x disposable pods from competitor one for $24 ( each with 230mAh battery, 1ml of 50mg) 
  • Buy 2 x disposable pods from competitor two for $20 ( each boasting 300 puffs, 1.2ml of 60mg) 
  • Buy 2 x disposable pods from competitor three for $30 ( each boasting 400 puffs, 1.5ml of 50mg


You could buy a Vapourium Stratus Pod Kit for $24.90 which has a 280mAh RECHARGEABLE BATTERY and comes with three different flavours of prefilled pods containing 1ml of 50mg each. ( also, when you have vaped through all of your pods, just get a 4 pack of replacement pods for $18.90) 

I mean heck, we don't have plastic bags at supermarkets, and there is a fuss about plastic straws, so why are we ok with disposable plastic vapes with a toxic substance AND a fire hazard inside? 






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