Top Trends of Vaping

Top Trends of Vaping

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While no one can gaze into a crystal ball and predict the future of vaping trends, we can gain insight into what’s hot and what’s not based on what people are buying. Trends change all the time, and vaping is no exception. 

If you’ve just entered the world of vaping and you’re interested in what others are buying so that you can make an informed choice, read on. The following information can shed some light on where the vaping market is headed. 

Low-Strength Nicotine Salts

What vapers have often found with traditional freebase e-liquids is that they can be quite harsh on your throat. This harshness increases with higher nicotine strengths. However, if you were to opt for a lower nicotine strength, you may need to vape more to satisfy your nicotine craving. 

So, in recent years, nicotine salts have taken the market by storm. Nicotine salt is extracted in its organic state and mixed with e-liquids. This makes it incredibly smooth, even at the highest nicotine strengths. 

However, not everyone wants to enjoy e-liquids with higher strengths of 35mg to 50mg. Therefore, low-strength salts made their way into vape shops online to make sure every vaper could enjoy nicotine salts. 

You can now enjoy the smoothness of nicotine salts, but at lower nicotine strengths like 12mg, and 25mg. 

Single-Use Pod Vapes

There are few things as frustrating as being away from home with your vape, only for the battery to go flat. Without a charger handy, you’re left to wait until you get home or give up all your hard work and buy cigarettes to satisfy your nicotine craving. 

And that’s where single-use pod vapes come in. With one of these stowed away for a rainy day, you never have to be caught out. Depending on the brand, you may be able to enjoy enough battery life for up to 1,500 puffs on 6mL of 25mg to 50mg e-liquid. 

While you might assume that you’re contributing to a significant waste problem with a single-use pod vape, that doesn’t have to be the case. The purchase of one of these includes a return bag. Once you’re finished with it, you can return it for recycling. 

Longer Battery Life

We’ve seen improvements in the batteries of electric vehicles, so it was only a matter of time before we saw them in smaller items like our vape products. What we can expect to see in the next year or two is far more innovative battery technology. 

And, to be honest, we’re already seeing it. Your vape product with a flat battery can be ready to go within just minutes once you connect it to a charger. With the first vape products to hit the market, that was unlikely to be the case. 

Smaller Vapes

While mods still have their place in the vaping world, there has been growing interest in two different vape products in recent months: starter kits and pod kits. While there are many reasons why these two product types are increasing in popularity, the main benefit is their size. 

Starter kits consist of a vape pen with coils and e-liquid. These kits tend to be popular with vapers transitioning from smoking to vaping who are unsure where to begin. Typically, their goal is to mimic smoking as closely as possible to stop them from reaching for another cigarette. 

However, pod kits are becoming popular for new vapers and seasoned ones alike. The pods are quick and easy to replace and fill, and they are draw-activated to remove the need to push a button. What’s more, they take up minimal space in a bag or pocket. 

DIY Vape Coils

Suppose you reach into your box of coils, only to find you have none left. Your vape tastes burnt, so you know you have to act quickly. So, what do you do? You make your own vape coil, of course. 

DIY vape coils are one of the latest vaping trends, and many vapers are gaining immense satisfaction from being able to make them themselves. The best part is, you can generally pick up all the DIY supplies from the same place you purchase your e-liquid and vape products. 

Typically, all you need is wire, like nichrome or stainless steel, flush cutters, organic cotton, scissors, fine-tip tweezers, ceramic tweezers, and a small metal rod. Some vapers also like to use a coil jig and an ohm reader. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, your chosen vape store specialist can shed some light on what you need 

Ready to Jump on the Trend Bandwagon?

You can be a trendsetter or a trend follower, but either way, you’re bound to be curious about what’s happening in the vaping world. Any of these trends could be worth checking out if you haven’t already. Why not build your own coil or try a new pod vape kit today?  


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