The 'What? and 'Why?' of Mesh Coils

The 'What? and 'Why?' of Mesh Coils

This should be a bit shorter than my recent posts.

Mesh coils. They’re skyrocketing in popularity, and every manufacturer wants to get mesh coils made for their tanks ASAP.

Even a few tanks that have been out for a while have got new mesh coil options.

For example, we just bought into a bunch of Smok Prince mesh coils, and they’re of a far higher quality and consistency that some previous Smok coil batches we’ve had.

I’d expect to see us phasing in as many mesh coils as we realistically can, because it’s simply the best for you guys.

So why are mesh coils so much better and such a hot product at the moment?

In plain terms, they last longer and taste better.

In not so plain terms, the massive surface area relative to the resistance of the mesh is what’s at play here. Generally, in vaping we say that the more surface area your coil has, the more intense flavour it will produce.

We also tend to say that a lower resistance won’t last so long, however with these mesh coils, often within the (quite low) 0.15ohm - 0.25ohm range, we see really consistently great coil lifespans. I put this down to the more even and spread-out heating of a mesh coil, it keeps the cotton from degrading so quickly. They seem to also reach temperature with a slightly lower wattage, meaning they’ll vape the same while at a slightly lower wattage, improving battery life by a little bit.

This trend was started by Freemax, with their Fireluke Mesh tank. As far as I’m aware, this was the first instance of pre-built mesh coils. There’s a few rebuildables which are designed to take mesh strips or single coils, which are undoubtedly the inception of the prebuilt mesh tanks.

I highly encourage you to try the available mesh coils for your device, or even think about moving to a device which supports mesh coils.

Currently, these are the tanks we carry which support mesh coils:

  • Innokin Zenith - Plexus 0.5ohm
  • Innokin Scion II - Plexus 0.15ohm
  • Smok Baby Beast, Smok Big Baby Beast, Vaporesso NRG, Vaporesso NRG SE, Vaporesso Cascade Baby - GT mesh 0.18ohm
  • GeekVape Aero (comes with the GeekVape Aegis Legend) - Aero 0.2ohm



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