Nicotine Doublers

Nicotine Doublers

Nicotine Doublers. If you’re from New Zealand, you may not have heard of this vape product, because, frankly, you haven’t needed to. However in Australia, and some other countries, nicotine doublers and high-strength nicotine solutions are far more common, despite the fact that, in Australia, nicotine is a Schedule 7 poison.

Nicotine doublers are effectively super-strength e-liquid. They are generally 50% VG and 50% PG, with some nicotine added. We carry 6mg, 12mg, 24mg, 36mg, and 48mg strengths, which are meant to be mixed 1:1 with double-flavour liquids to achieve 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg respectively.

Probably the most difficult part of nicotine doublers (if you live in Australia) is getting your hands on them. To do this legally, you will need to visit your doctor and get a prescription for liquid nicotine. Once you’ve done this, it’s just a matter of importing your nicotine doubler and mixing it with your flavour doubler.

Be sure to take care when handling these doublers, as the high concentrations of nicotine can be quite harmful if it comes into contact with your skin or other membranes. Be sure to wear gloves and use the syringe included with your doubler.

I mentioned that these are meant to be mixed at a 1:1 ratio with a flavour doubler, but they can be used as a nicotine concentrate as well. Check out Steam Engine’s e-liquid calculator for help with the finer details on this.

When using the Steam Engine calculator, you start on the left, by entering the amount of e-liquid you’re trying to make, then work your way right, filling in the ‘Nicotine base liquid’ field, followed by the ‘Target’ field. After both of these are filled in, the ‘Recipe’ field should update itself. Now all that’s left is mixing your juice to the recipe. Start by removing the amount of liquid from your bottle which will be replaced by nicotine base, then add that much nicotine doubler back into the bottle, then shake. After this, it’s a good idea to heat-steep your liquid. You can easily and effectively steep at home with a warm water bath.

To make a water bath, fill a cup a little less than halfway with boiling water, then fill it the rest of the way up with cold. Rest your bottle in this, shaking it periodically. You realistically need to do this about 3-4 times, but you could repeat it some more if you feel it’s necessary.

In short, if you live somewhere that prohibits liquid nicotine, but allows tobacco (like Australia), nicotine doublers are your best friend.


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