New to Vaping?

New to Vaping?

Are you new to vaping? Have you been vaping for a while but terminology still escapes you? Looking to upgrade? Just looking to understand what the hell these blog posts are about?

Let me break it down for you.

Back to the beginning, did you know Herbert A. Gilbert patented the idea in 1963?! Why haven’t you heard of this before? Because it was the 60’s, cigarettes were still advertised on TV, people smoked everywhere. Therefore Herbert’s ingenious design was abandoned.

The next stop in this timeline of events was 2006! Hon Lik released his own alternative to smoking, which consisted of an ultrasonic atomiser and a nicotine/PG (propylene glycol) solution in a plastic cartridge.

Now the ecigs you see today don’t feature ultrasonic atomisers but something else entirely. Brothers by the name of Sheikh invented the cartomiser! A heating element surrounded by polyfill, the polyfill would soak up the eliquid and the heating element would vaporise it, making the cartomiser the future of vaping.

Throughout 2000 ecigs were found in more and more places around the world, with such a simple concept people started experimenting with more power, bigger elements and thus the modded flashlight was born. First of it’s kind, it kept the same basic principles (battery, heating element and eliquid), and is the ancestor of the Mechanical Mods you see featured in so many brick and mortars today.

Once a culture started building around vaping, more and more people wanted to get involved with this more advanced side of vaping and we watched as the technology grew exponentially every month.

Vaping is just as much a hobby for some people as it is a method of quitting smoking for others, atomisers are customisable and regulated mods featuring more intricate circuit boards than my old Nokia.

Each week we’re going to look deeper and deeper into vaping, the culture around it and why it works.

See you next time!


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