How Vape Stores Are Prioritising Customer Service

How Vape Stores Are Prioritising Customer Service

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Some vapers, and maybe even you, are loyal to one store and one store only – be it online or a bricks-and-mortar establishment. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re dedicated to a single store like Vapourium when there are so many to choose from? 

Your loyalty might have something to do with how much your chosen NZ vape product stockist values your custom. They show this appreciation in some of the following ways. 

Refer a Friend Deals

Getting something for nothing is always a good feeling, so it’s probably not surprising that you’ve chosen to stick around with a business that throws the odd freebie your way. 

For example, Vapourium offers store referral deals. When you bring a new Vapourium customer to a retail store, sign up, and you both spend $50, you can get an extra $30 of e-liquid each for free. It’s such deals that can undoubtedly win over new and existing customers. 

Competitive Pricing

Life is expensive. Just look at the price of cheese! Vape stores aren’t throwing in a free block of mild cheddar with their customers’ orders, but they are making sure they are competitively priced across their entire range. 

From their e-liquids and hardware to accessories and pod kits, you don’t generally have a hard time making a purchase when you know they aren’t overpricing their stock. The best part is, you’re already saving money when you transition from smoking to vaping. 

Online Support

Guess how many people out of the team of five million are shopping online? Well, put it this way. At the end of 2021, New Zealand Post delivered about 200 parcels a minute, and over 2.17 million people were eagerly awaiting something in the mail they had purchased online. 

Just as you would expect help from in-store employees, you expect it online – and many vape stores are delivering. For example, at Vapourium, there is a ‘contact us’ section on the website with email addresses, phone numbers, and store maps. There’s also a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Vapourium is insanely easy to contact for help, and that seems to be a growing trend across all similar businesses. 

Instore Help

Not everyone has time to wait for the courier to pull up their driveway, and that’s okay. Online support is excellent, but vape shops are also lifting their game with in-store help. 

When you walk into an NZ vape shop like Vapourium, you can expect to be greeted by a pretty cool staff member who can answer your questions, recommend products, and help you choose starter and advanced kits to suit your needs. 

They Use What They Sell

It can be hard recommending products to customers if you’ve never tried them. While most vape store workers haven’t tried everything, they do use products they stock, allowing them to recommend with complete honesty. And if they haven’t tried something? They say so. Complete honesty goes a long way in the business. 

They Provide Plenty of Information

There is more to vaping than the products lining the shelves or gracing the online stores. Customers want to know everything there is to know about vaping, including what they can do to improve their experience, the changes to regulations that might impact how and what they vape, and even information about where they can vape. 

The best vape stores prioritise customer service by ensuring customers have all the information they need. Generally, you can find this information on leading stockists’ websites under the ‘Blogs’ section. At Vapourium, this section is broken down further into dedicated areas for your story, web stories, vaping 101, and information for new vapers. 

They’re Professional

Customers love dealing with friendly vape store workers, but they also like an overall professional image. Professionalism offers the illusion of quality – and quality is exactly what you want in your vape products. 

So, you can expect the best vape stockists in NZ to have professional-looking websites, high-quality products with professional labels, and equally as professional-looking bricks-and-mortar establishments. After all, no one wants to purchase vape products from a dodgy-looking website or a sticky-floored back alley shop with a shopkeeper who barely makes eye contact or utters a word as they ring up your purchase. 

Easy Shopping Process

Shopping shouldn’t be hard. At least not in this day and age. We live in the age of convenience, and if vaping was harder than zipping down to your local dairy for a pack of cigarettes, fewer people might have made the switch. 

Leading vape stores like Vapourium are doing their best to provide an easy shopping process – both online and in person. Many of the physical stores have front-of-shop parking or are within close proximity to public parking. 

Then you have the online side of things. Professional vape businesses make online shopping as easy as adding an item to the cart, paying for it, then waiting for it to turn up in your mailbox. 


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