How to Successfully Transition from Smoking to Vaping

How to Successfully Transition from Smoking to Vaping

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Talk to any of your non-smoker friends, and they will likely tell you to quit smoking. They might even say it’s easy or that you should “just stop. It can’t be that hard”. 

But if you were to bring up the same conversation with your smoker friends, they would likely empathise with you that it’s an arduous journey. It’s also a journey that requires plenty of support and sometimes even cessation tools. 

One cessation tool that’s growing in popularity is vaping. If you’re ready to stamp out your final cigarette, keep reading to learn how to transition from smoking to vaping successfully. 

Find a Reputable Vape Products Supplier

Your first experience with vape products and e-liquids should always be a memorable one for the right reasons. Otherwise, you may struggle to give this cessation tool the energy and time it deserves. 

Look online for high-quality vape product suppliers in New Zealand, and browse their various options to find out what they have. If you are unsure where to begin, you can contact them on their website or drop into one of their stores if they have a bricks and mortar establishment. 

With a knowledgeable staff member guiding you and offering recommendations, you can choose the most appropriate products to help you on your quit-smoking journey. 

Reach Out For Support

If you know anyone who has previously quit smoking and transitioned to vaping, reach out to them for support. You can also get your non-smoker friends on board, so long as they’re willing and able to provide the help you need. 

However, many people find that they feel better supported by people who have successfully quit smoking. This can often be because they are a source of knowledge, particularly regarding what starter kits and e-liquid to buy. 

Don’t Give Up the First Time

Not everyone will enjoy vaping the first time they try it. In fact, some people downright hate it. However, it’s important to give it, or another cessation tool, a chance. Even if you start by swapping one cigarette a day for a few puffs on a vape, you can be doing your body some huge favours. 

In fact, the Ministry of Health supports smokers to switch to less harmful alternatives. Even if you start slow, the main thing is that you start

Play Around With Flavours

The market is full of different e-liquid flavours, and not all of them are going to appeal to your tastes. If you visit local vape stores near you, you may even be able to try a few flavours before you buy something that appeals. 

If you are used to smoking standard tobacco, a flavour like Mild Black Tbac might be suitable for your needs. You can also narrow down your options online by shopping by e-liquid type – e.g., freebase, nicotine salts, New Zealand made, and imported.    

Experiment With Nicotine Strengths

It’s not always easy to accurately match your cigarette’s nicotine strength to the vape nicotine strength. Allow some time to experiment with strengths, and you will likely find a suitable option before long. 

Experienced vape shop workers may also tell you that the nicotine strength of your preferred e-liquid can depend on whether you were a heavy or light smoker or somewhere in between. It can even depend on whether you choose freebase e-liquid or nicotine salts. 

If you notice that you’re having to vape a lot to satisfy your nicotine craving, it can be worth choosing a different strength or playing around with vape products to see if you can strike a happy balance. 

Understand the Side Effects

The more side effects that you are aware of, the more prepared you can be for them. Otherwise, you may not understand why you feel the way you do when you give up smoking and start vaping. 

Many people experience a dry mouth and throat, first and foremost. They may even experience shortness of breath, headaches, or throat irritation. The more you vape, the more prominent these side effects may be. 

However, when you compare them to the side effects of smoking, they are undoubtedly far tamer. Without considering long-term effects like cancer, short-term side effects of smoking are things like feeling faint, confusion, rapid blood pressure drop, bad breath, headache, coughing, and more.  

You Won’t Know Until You Try

We’re constantly being told that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, if you’re a smoker, vape products are the closest cessation tool to the real deal as you can likely get. You won’t need to change your habits all that much! 

As much as you might think you are too set in your ways to change, you may just surprise yourself with how quickly you alter your habits and potentially improve your health.


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