Guest Writer: Vapourium Stratus

Guest Writer: Vapourium Stratus

I've been vaping for a few years now, and I've been through many devices at this point. I started with mechanical mods, then progressed to regulated boxes with sub-ohm atomizers. These setups worked just fine for me, though I still found myself indulging in the odd naughty analogue 'dart'. Enter nicotine salts and pod devices:

Last week I picked up a Stratus pod system from Vapourium London Street in Dunedin. The Stratus itself is comparable in size to a pen or marker, easily kept in your pocket. It has no buttons on it and is activated via inhalation, meaning it is almost impossible to accidentally fire it. I haven't had a cigarette since, not even at the pub.

I find I am no longer carrying around a bevy of equipment. Before switching to nicotine salts, I always had to remember to bring with me: a selection of juice, spare batteries, battery charger, wire/cotton or spare coils, and probably a backup vape. Things were getting expensive. While it's always advantageous to be prepared, I personally much prefer to only have my Stratus in my top pocket, and a few pre-filled pods within arms reach (I still have a backup vape kicking around somewhere..). My Stratus charges in well under an hour, with a computer USB port or car charger being more than capable of the task.

Included with the Stratus, is the Nimbus nicotine-salt line of juice created by Vapourium's killer juice development team. The Stratus starter kit comes bundled with 3 pre-filled pods (these are also re-fillable) that are 5.0% strength (or 50mg). The benefits of salts are mainly the sheer strength of them, and the fact that you no longer have a strong peppery nicotine taste associated with high strength e-liquids. This means you can vape strong juice on a small coil and not have to create a large cloud of vapour for your satisfaction. Flavours included with the Stratus are: our classic favourites in A.N.Z.A.A.C and Kentucky Gold, and a clean bright new Blackcurrant flavour that may soon become your all day vape, it's very juicy and fresh!

Finally, I think you will all enjoy not only the no-fuss convenience of this system, but also the value! You can pick up a Stratus starter kit for just $39.90 - remember it comes with 3 full pods - and 4-packs of pre-filled pods are just $18.90. So stop lugging around all that extra stuff like juice and batteries, and grab yourself a Stratus system today at or your closest Vapourium store!

Author: Sam at Greenstone Dispensary


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