Frequently Asked Questions About Disposable Vapes

Frequently Asked Questions About Disposable Vapes

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Disposable vapes have now been in New Zealand for some time, and a significant number of customers rave about them. They’re easy to use, require no maintenance, and come in various flavours and designs. They’re also affordable and ideal for those emergency situations when you’re left with a flat vape on the go and don’t have a charger.

But while many people have been able to enjoy their benefits first-hand, others aren’t so sure. Accepting any new vape technology can be scary, and you likely have many questions. Here are some of the most common ones so you can make an informed decision with much more confidence! 

We might be biased, but we’ve got quite a few options flying off the shelves, including ElfBar, ZOVOO, and Vorteke. 

Elfbar pod vapes come in 800 and 1,500 puff capacities and a variety of delightful flavours like Peach Ice, Watermelon, Kiwi Passionfruit, Grape Ice, Spearmint, Cream Tobacco, and Blue Razz Lemonade. They even boast a range of standout features like great battery life and excellent e-liquid capacity. 

You also can’t help but be lured in by the funkiness and vibrancy of ZOVOO DragBar disposable vapes. Not only do they have excellent 2,200-puff capacities, but they’re available in some pretty exciting flavours like Strawberry Ice, Green Apple Ice, Banana Ice, and Lush Ice. 

Vorteke is taking the market by storm, too, with great battery life and excellent e-liquid capacity allowing it to last up to four times longer than similar products on the market. It also doesn’t hurt that they offer satisfying flavours like Mango, Melon, Blackcurrant, Banana, Grape, and Menthol. 

Does New Zealand Sell Disposable Vapes?

It took little ol’ Aotearoa quite some time to catch up with the rest of the world, but, yes, we do sell disposable vapes! They hit shelves across the motu in 2021. Interestingly, early disposable vapes were commercially produced as early as 2010, but they were far inferior to the products we have at our fingertips today. 

How Much Does a Disposable Vape Cost?

How much a disposable vape costs can depend on many factors, including its vaping capacity. You might buy the cheapest disposable vape on the market, but its value might be less than a more expensive one based on its e-liquid capacity and battery life. 

Some of the best e-liquid and vape product stockists in NZ sell disposable vapes for as little as $8.90, typically featuring approximately 800 puffs, a 3.2mL e-liquid capacity, and a 550mAh battery. You can also expect to pay up to $27.40 for a disposable vape offering up to 1,500 puffs with 6mL of e-liquid and a 1,000mAh battery. Such vapes are typically advertised as lasting up to four times longer than others, representing excellent value for money. 

Are Disposable Vapes High in Nicotine?

Nicotine is a critical factor when purchasing any vape product, not just disposable vapes. Therefore, it’s only natural to question the nicotine content of a disposable vape you plan to buy. 

Just as you can purchase bottles of e-liquid with various nicotine strengths, you can do the same with disposable vapes featuring pre-filled e-liquid tanks. As a rule, most offer a nicotine level of 25mg-50mg/ml. 

If you’re unsure which disposable vape product you need to buy to ensure your nicotine needs are taken care of, contact your local vape supplier for advice.  

How Many Cigarettes Is 800 Puffs?

One of the most affordable disposable vapes on the market is $8.90 and has a puff capacity of up to 800. When you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s only natural to want to compare costs to see if disposable vapes are right for you or more affordable than smoking. 

Alongside being bad for your health, smoking is expensive, and you’ll learn that when you realise just how many cigarettes are equivalent to a single 800-puff disposable vape: 40. While an 800-puff disposable vape is just $8.90, you can expect to pay approximately $45 for 40 cigarettes based on the average cost of a 20-pack of tailormades. 

How Can You Dispose of Disposable Vapes?

How you dispose of disposable vapes can depend on where you buy them and the recycling options in your location. Because of their internal batteries, you can’t throw them out with your regular household rubbish. 

Some manufacturers provide return bags so that you can return them when you’ve finished with them. Alternatively, most vapes have recyclable parts that you can dispose of at your local recycling centres. 

Try Disposable Vapes Today

When your most pressing questions are answered, you likely feel a bit better about trying something new. Why not check out the disposable vape range at Vapourium today and see if anything grabs your attention? The hardest part will be choosing just one!


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