Best Ways to Find Parts and Accessories for Your Vape Products

Best Ways to Find Parts and Accessories for Your Vape Products

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Nearly all vape products for sale in NZ can be purchased with accessories. Even straightforward, easy-to-use pod systems are available in ‘kits’, with the option to buy additional single-use and reusable pods. 

While you might not pay much attention to the accessories your device needs when you first buy it, such as pods, tanks, glass, and coils, you may realise this information is vital at a later date when you need to purchase replacement parts. 

Fortunately, finding parts and accessories for your vape products can be an easy process. You just have to do some of the following things. 

Remember Your Device Make and Model

Walking into a vape store or visiting one online can be an eye-opening experience. There are so many options to choose from, and you might even be overwhelmed by which one is going to be suitable for your needs. 

After finally making your choice, which might be based on price, looks, or something else, you might purchase vape juice to go with it and start vaping to your heart’s content. But did you remember to look at the make and model? Did you keep the box to find out what you have? If you know this information, finding parts and accessories can be easy. 

Visit a Vape Shop in Person

There are few things as soul-destroying as dropping your vape device on concrete and watching the glass tank break into a million pieces. If you can remember where you purchased your vape, visiting that store in person can be one of the best ways to have it back in working order in no time. 

If they sell that specific make and model, then they likely also have the replacement parts to go with it. We recommend buying at least two replacement tanks and a rubber protective ring if they are available for your device. That way, you’ll have a backup tank and reduce the risk of breaks in the future. 

Visit a Vape Shop Online in NZ

If your problem isn’t as urgent as broken glass, such as new coils or drip tips, consider shopping online. Not only do you not have to leave the comfort of your home, but you can browse to your heart’s content for all related accessories and even a few new cheeky e-liquid flavours. 

Shopping online also allows you to take advantage of many exciting deals. So, you get to save parking meter money and enjoy a convenient and cost-effective online shopping experience. 

Use Search Engines

If you aren’t loyal to any particular vape store, search engines can be your best friend when you need to purchase new parts and accessories like replacement glass and coils. Enter your device make and model into your preferred search engine and see what pops up. 

We recommend shopping with NZ-owned and operated businesses like Vapourium. That way, you can be sure that you’re only getting the best value for money – along with fast shipping from within New Zealand. 

Talk to Your Mates

If you and your friends chose vaping to quit smoking, they might have purchased the same or a similar device to you. They might have even kept the accessories of devices they’ve had in the past. We’ve all got those junk drawers of bits and bobs, right? 

If you can’t visit a vape shop in person or online, talk to your friends about their devices and see if they have any coils, glass, or other parts to spare. You may be surprised at what they have tucked away as spares for old devices they used to own. 

Purchase a New Device

Just as you can’t buy the same TV you purchased 10 years ago, you also can’t always buy the same vape product you purchased several years ago. 

Technology is changing all the time, and the crème de la crème of vapes a few years back may no longer be relevant. As a result, parts and accessories are eventually phased out until your old vape is essentially redundant. 

If you’ve scoured the internet looking for parts and come up empty-handed, now might be the right time to start looking at replacement opportunities. You won’t be short of options, and you can stock up on accessories to save shipping and hassles down the line. 

Stock Up Today

As frustrating as it can be to hunt down new parts and accessories for your vape products, it can actually be much easier than you might think. Talk to a friendly salesperson at an online or physical vape shop, or use search engines to look for your specific product. 

In the absolute worst-case scenario that you can’t find what you need, you now have an excuse to purchase a brand-spanking new vape product that will be the envy of all your vaper mates.


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