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If you are reading this, hopefully, you caught the last issue of vape pairings where I have a few recommendations of wine to go with our core range eliquids. Today im going to go deeper, and profess my love for beer with an e-liquid to match.

Many people find drinking especially difficult when they quit smoking, "its not the same" etc, and I agree, smoking isnt the same as vaping, its boring. The only reason you reach for a smoke when you are drinking is that people are creatures of habit. Dont stick to your habits, your tastebuds are awesome and limiting them to tar and other burnt shit with drinks is average. If you  vape you can actually taste that drink, and while ill admit, tobacco eliquids and whiskey are my go-to, there are many better pairings with flavoured eliquids with the variety of drinks/eliquids on the market that are meant to be, but undiscovered.

Side note:  

I drink beer socially, and ill either grab a casual six-pack under $20 to take with me to a house, or try whatever is new or looks appealing on tap at my local bar. 
Im not a massive fan of sours or darker beers like porters as a session beer, but there's always a time and a place for these when considering food pairings. 
Im currently using a MTL Innokin Zlide tank at a low wattage, as the flavour is consistent and the restricted airflow is perfect for great flavour. 

Nimbus Nic Salt Ice Cucumber - Run Of The Mill Local Lager

While the local lager is nothing to spiel on about, its classic refreshing taste is what you are going for here. This six pack was under $12 and commonly sold at sport events. This local lager is perfect to top off a hard days yakka, or to sit on a grassy bank enjoying some cricket in the sun. While this lager would go great with a steak pie and a pottle of chips with tomato sauce, I'm not too keen on vaping that flavour. The clean refreshing lager complements the light cucumber flavour and the subtle hint of wintergreeny mint cleans your pallette and eases you into that next sip. Super refreshing and perfect for a weekend treat. 

Manguava - IPA

I love IPA, the hoppy citrussyness and mild floralness differ from beer to beer, but generally you are in for a versatile, flavoursome beverage. This specific one was a common midrange supermarket beer who release seasonal drops and are perfect for sessions. This particular beer had a very strong hoppyness to it, andi could taste a pineyness to it that was a little bitter. While a citrus eliquid would be a great choice, my favourite puff of the evening was Manguava. The classic pungent mango taste with the citrussyness and floral notes of the IPA are meant to be. 

Apple Pie - Pilsner

A classic pilsner, loved by fans of tennis and fashion weeks. This dutch classic is in every bar and another drink that is perfect for sessions. I normally enjoy this beer with Asian cuisine, it's really great for recovering from the moment you realize that you just put TOO MUCH chilli in your mouth mid-dinner. Again, we don't do Chilli or meat flavoured eliquids at Vapourium, so I was really at a loss for a good pairing here. This beer has malty and hoppy notes, the malt compliments the pastry element of Apple Pie well, and the hoppyness works with the fruity elements of the Apple Pie. This one seems nonsensical, but the two distinct elements of the beer and eliquid synergize well together.

Nimbus Nic Salt Blood Orange - Peach And Nectarine Sour

My local bar had a sour beer on the menu, normally id stray away but this one had a magnificent label. While my first thought was the Stoned Fruit would go well with this one, the Peach And Nectarine Sour was super sharp and tart. Each sip caused me to wince, and I feel like Stoned Fruits has a dominant sweetness that might detract from the sharpness. The sharpness from this beer was intense, almost like a grapefruit to it, and so Blood Orange was my next go to. The Blood Orange carried the tartness in a wholesome way, levelling out the sharpness with a natural citrussy curve. Surprisingly good match! 

Banana Split - German Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are very wheaty ( hence the name) and ive always tasted a bready vibe going on there. My friend bought a few popular wheat beers back with him after a trip to Germany, and we spent a few weekends after that with our matching beer steins listening to German folk music and talking about our adventures. Wheat beers tend to be more bitter than hoppy, and this particular beer reminded me of Banana Bread with a mellow sweet creaminess to it. This would also go really well with a custard eliquid, but the breaddy banana elements had me reaching for Banana Split first and I just couldn't put it down. Perfect! 


At the end of the day, the day has ended, 'hic' and everyone is different. Everyone has a different flavour preference based on their experiences and biology. Again, some people write off eliquid flavours as tasting all too sweet, or not quite true to the flavour, but once you find your preferences and stick with a particular flavour I feel like different flavours really keep your tastebuds entertained. Flavour fatigue sucks, so unless I absolutely can't stand a particular eliquid ill revisit it every now and then so my tongue doesn't get bored. Imagine eating the same thing for dinner every night. Don't do that with your vape, there is a world of flavour out there, try something different and maybe you will find a whole new preference. 

Anyhoo, take it or leave it, hopefully, this has helped someone out there find a new killer combination to leave the house with next time you go for a few drinks. 
















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