"A Serious Note" Vape - Wine Pairings

If you are reading this, well, Bonjour!

If you have had a busy week and just wanna flick your boots off and nest yourself on the sofa to make the most of your Netflix subscription with wine in hand, hopefully my hard work studying Vapourium's eliquids and years of work studying Wines that are under $30 from the supermarket might be of use to you. 

I prefer freebase nicotine when drinking wine, as the harshness on the throat and the instant satisfaction go well with a happy wine buzz. 

I alternate between DTL and MTL, but the following were all MTL for better flavour. 

Caffiend - Gewürztraminer

This 60/40 e-liquid is full of creamy notes with a sweet coffee aftertaste. I feel Caffiend is really similar to the Vietnamese drip coffee style, which is sweetened with condensed milk. It might sound strange to a Kiwi palette but I feel like the condensed milk is great in drip coffee as its similar to adding milk and sugar but has more creaminess. Cutting through the fruity notes like a knife through a lemon tart,  Caffiend and a cold Gewürztraminer go together like. The floral notes float on top of the creamy e-liquid like flower petals in a milk bath. 

Hassletoff - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Merlot

Hassletoff is a max VG e-liquid, with a traditional English toffee flavour. Its sweet and complex, with a more mature take on traditional caramel/toffee eliquid profiles. Hassletoff is just asking for someone to throw some complex fruity notes in it, so I picked up a well priced Hawkes Bay Cabernet Sauvignon. The particular bottle I grabbed was rather dry with a strong cherry/plum aftertaste. I found the Hassletoff almost eliminated the dryness and balanced the intensity of the Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the perfect combination for a rainy or cold day. 

Apple Pie - German Riesling

If any of these can be added to my sommelier resume, this one im sure of. Apple Pie is one of my favourite flavours, the Apple is complex and delicious ( tastes lowkey spicy and stewed ) with subtle pastry notes. Im not a big Riesling fan, but occasionally its pretty nice to nip on while eating sweet tarts or pastries after dinner. Initially this was the only solid idea i had going into this, im just really happy it translated into eliquid flavours as well as it does food. The Reisling echoes the Apple Pie eliquid back at you. It's kind of like a deja-vu kind of experience. 10/10.

C.R.E.A.M - Australian Shiraz

Cream is just Strawberries and Cream, its not my ADV but I've always liked it ( one of the first eliquids I ever bought back in 2015) and as I was sipping away on a new Australian Shiraz (or Syrah im never too sure) tasting almost a jam-like flavour I really needed to give this one a go. The strawberries in the C.R.E.A.M Eliquid pop right out at you and cut through the Shiraz in a way that doesn't overpower the pungent blackberry/blackcurrant-ness of the Australian Shiraz, rather makes way for a deeper, more bold aftertaste. This might go well with Shalins Milk, as I think Shalins milk has a stronger strawberry element but C.R.E.A.M was what was on hand at the time and it really made the berry element pop. 

Deez Melons - Central Otago Rose

Holy moly, this one really put the "je ne sais quoi" in my glass. Ive always felt a little uncomfortable drinking rose in public, being a late 20's male with a heap of facial hair, but it's not really pink, its "salmon", and its also delicious. Rose is good for sunny weather and it always reminds me of Xmas. Deez Melons is also something I would consider a "summery" eliquid, with light tangy notes and a flavour that has a lot of depth for a simple fruit e-liquid. The playful fresh, fruity elements of the Rose with the Deez Melons really come into the centre of your palette and meet in the middle to compliment each other. Bring on Summer. 


I hope my foray into wine/e-liquid pairing has been informative or amusing, I love to cook and I think about flavour all the time. Some people write e-liquid flavours off as artificial and candy-like, but the same profiles are found in dessert food and beverages and I feel like the more effort you go into finding out what works and what doesn't really pays off when you get that killer combination and settle down for the evening.  

I generally try and find a wine to match dinner when cooking at home on the weekends, and im all about reds and meats, so dipping my toes in the desserty whites was fun. Hopefully, there will be a part II at some point after ive stocked up on some less familiar varietals.

Bon Appetit, et au revoir.






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