7 Surprising Ways to Use Less Vape Juice

7 Surprising Ways to Use Less Vape Juice

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Vaping is a far more cost-effective option than smoking. According to the Ministry of Health, the cost of vape products is one of the many reasons people use vaping to quit smoking. Alongside the health benefits, of course. 

Given how much money you can save by making the switch, most people don’t mind purchasing multiple bottles of e-liquid each month or even updating their vape pen when they grow tired of their current one. 

However, if there’s one frustrating thing about vaping, it’s how often you have to fill your vape tank. Unless you purchase pod vapes, it’s often necessary to carry around bottles of vape juice to ensure you never run out. 

It may be worth doing some of the following things to cut down just how many times you need to refill your tank. 

Use Multiple Devices

Using multiple devices doesn’t mean you use less vape juice, but it does mean you don’t have to fill your tanks as much. It’s not uncommon for vapers to own more than one device, anyway. Typically, they carry one as a spare in case their primary device’s battery runs flat. 

However, now you can reap the rewards of a second benefit. Switching between devices means you’re sharing the load and can refill less often. You can even use different flavours in each tank to give yourself a bit of variety throughout the day. 

Increase Your Nicotine Level

There can be a ‘settling in’ period when you transition from smoking to vaping. It’s not always clear how much nicotine you need to satisfy your nicotine craving, and you might need to try multiple strengths to find one you’re happy with. 

If you find that you’re chain vaping and never satisfied after each hit, increasing your nicotine level might be how you solve the problem. The more satisfied you are, the less you have to vape, and the less often you have to refill your tank. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right nicotine strength for your unique needs, talk to a vape store expert. They can talk you through the available options until you find one that hits the spot. 

Check Your Tank

If you haven’t actually increased how much you vape, but your tank is in constant need of refilling, see if a leak could be to blame. Daily use, wear and tear, and even over-filling them can lead to leaks. 

How can you tell if your vape tank has a leak? 

  • You notice marks on your pockets or in bags where you’re storing it
  • It feels ‘greasy’ when you pick it up
  • You’re refilling it more often than not
  • You are using more e-liquid than you usually do
  • It’s cracked or damaged in other ways

Leaks can also happen if you have managed to get e-liquid in the centre tube or you’ve overfilled it. If you notice any cracks or damage, or you’re not able to solve the problem with regular maintenance, consider purchasing a new tank – or a new vape device altogether. 

Do Something Else With Your Hands

Sometimes, we use more vape juice than usual because we’re vaping more than usual. While current research points to vaping being healthier than smoking, there’s no harm in cutting back if you’re getting tired of constantly refilling your vape tank. 

Do something else with your hands, increase your nicotine strength, and consider leaving your vape at home if you’re popping into town to run errands. It’s all too easy to end up with a vape pen glued to your hand when you can actually perform many daily tasks without it. 

Get a Bigger Tank

When you decide to invest in a new vape tank, you’re not using less vape juice. But you’re definitely avoiding having to refill it as often. Many devices come with a stock standard tank but options for upgrades at a later date if you aren’t happy with the volume capacity. 

When the time comes to purchase a new vape, look at your accessory options. You might find that your particular brand comes with more than one tank size to suit your desire to refill less often. 

Change Your Vape Device

Some vape products use more e-liquid than others. If you have the option to choose, use your device on a lower power output. The more power you use, the more liquid you tend to vaporise. 

You may also find that using high-powered vape mods gives you far more control than their more basic counterparts, which means you can switch between low and high usage as you please. 

Purchase New E-Liquid Today, and See How Long It Lasts

With some fresh ideas in your head and an empty bottle of e-liquid sitting next to you, there’s no better time than now to put them into practice. Purchase new e-liquid and see if any of these helpful tips above are what helps you to use less and fill up less often. Start shopping today!


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