Christchurch Vape Day May 22, 2017 13:28


Vape Day '17

You might have seen a bit of noise about this particular event on facebook.
You might have no idea what I'm talking about.

4 times a year Vapourium packs up their stock and jet sets around the country to attend "Vape Days", what is a Vape Day you ask?
It's a mixture between a convention and a conference, a chance for vendors to get together and swap notes, and an opportunity for our valued customers to meet the Vendors all up close and personal.
There are competitions, giveaways, selfies, and so much more!

This year there were 16 vendors at Christchurch Vape Day! Including Broadside Mods and Greenman's EJuice! All the way from the States!

This time round I took 3 of the crew up to Christchurch in a "Luxury Mini Bus" (Not luxurious, but it was MASSIVE)! We stayed in a sweet little B'n'B from Friday through to Sunday, and spent all Saturday down at Christchurch Vape Day catching up with some of the most influential vapers from around New Zealand!

Vape stop in Oamaru! 

The lucky few who follow us on SnapChat were kept up to date with the goings on of the crew all the way to Christchurch, and were treated to some fun little tidbits from the event itself!

The crew, looking proud of their hard efforts setting up the stall!

The cloud comps were off the hook!!! SO many new cloud chasers rearing their heads now! 

But of course Mr Jack Simmons took out the tube mech comp, winning an Avid Lyfe Stainless Steel Revolver Timekeeper, two 18650 batteries and an almost one of a kind Vapourium branded Vape Box, to hold all your vaping necessities!

We can't wait to see you all at the next Vape Day in Auckland!! 

If you missed it, don't stress! You can watch a 7HOUR live stream here, or you can just purchase tickets to the next one when it comes around!