Squonking - The Latest Vaping Trend November 15, 2017 14:33

Maia Waters
Marketing/Customer Relations


Squonking?! What are you talking about?

Squonking is the latest and greatest fad to hit New Zealand's vaping communities!
Most of you will be familiar with Rebuildable atomisers, and if you're not, check out our blog on starting with RDA's to familiarise yourself! You can find it here!

Now that we're all up to speed, let's get into the nitty-gritty of it!
Typically a "Squonk" device is one that holds your e-liquid internally, stashing it in a bottle inside your mod itself. Rather than dripping, your e-liquid is fed to your cotton by a bottom feed system, through the pin of your atomiser and up into the deck of your RDA.
This means that, rather than your usual RDA pin, you need a specialised pin that is hollowed out in the middle.


We have a few Squokers on crew, so I'll let Sean take it away with some more information on squonking: what? and why?


Introduction to Squonking

So you've probably heard or seen the term squonk/squonking, but what does it mean? Squonking is an onomatopoeia, it is derived from the sound the bottle makes when you squeeze it.

A squonk device is also known as bottom feed (B.F.) is either a regulated or unregulated device with an extra soft e-liquid bottle inside the device. This bottle is connected to a hollow female 510 connection via a tube, this is paired with a rebuildable atomiser (RDA) with a hollow male 510 pin and holes somewhere on the posts or deck to allow the juice to flow up to the cotton. When the bottle is squeezed and released it makes a squelching or "squonk" sound as it sends e-liquid up through the 510 connector onto the cotton in the atomiser while excess juice is sucked back down into the bottle.

Most RDA’s usually require regular dripping onto the wick as they can only hold a set amount of e-liquid in the well deck. This is the appeal of squonking, which itself is not a new invention. The earliest prototypes and small scale production began all the way back in 2009, although it wasn't until 2015 that squonking had its first but brief glimpse of mainstream popularity and production before fading to the background as large companies focused their attention on new trends. Although always available, squonking has seen a huge resurgence of popularity with just about every well-known and not so well-known company manufacturing their own form of squonk mod or B.F. atomiser.

Squonking is now more accessible than ever before due to the variety in designs and price ranges agreeable with almost any budget. Typically squonk mods are single battery unregulated mechanical mods with a bottle where a second battery would go meaning;


  • Anyone unfamiliar with mechanical mods needs to familiarize themselves with battery safety and Ohm’s law
  • Battery life is reduced compared to a dual battery or lipo device which may not be ideal for some vapers

Is squonking right for me?

If you are someone who is already well familiar with RDAs and mechanical devices you are probably already familiar with the concept of squonking so the best thing to do would be, try it out.

With squonk compatible RDAs more common with most newly released RDAs coming with a squonk pin in the box or aftermarket parts available, at least three of my RDAs were squonk ready so I was quite excited to try. My first squonk was the LOST VAPE Drone dual battery mod, its a no-fuss mod just fill up one of the included bottles and remove the door, connect the tube to the bottle and metal pin in the enclosure and hey presto! I was so impressed by how much of an effect it had on my vaping experience, I can have long draws one after the other then squeeze for a few seconds, release and resume vaping to my heart's content.

The best part of squonking to me is convenience, and it really does deliver on this promise. I carry less juice on my person, one full bottle inside the vape is enough for a few hours or a battery case with two spare squonk bottles for 24 hours worth of chain vaping . No more fumbling around holding a bottle, a lid, an RDA cap and a vape at the same time.

If you are someone unfamiliar but interested in rebuildables but have been put off by the idea of repeated dripping, then a squonk device is perfect for you.

Rebuildable tanks (RTAs) also also offer more convenience than drippers however they can be more challenging to set up correctly, and starting on a RDA is usually recommended as it's more forgiving when it comes to wicking. I would also recommend that you purchase a regulated squonk device rather than a mechanical one as mechanical mods don't have the protection required to protect you from any mistakes that you may make. RDAs on regulated mods are safe and newbie friendly. You will also need to ensure that the RDA you buy is squonk compatible (comes with a BF or Squonk 510 pin). With the convenience of squonking there is now no excuse to start saving money on broken glass and premade coils and give RDAs a go.