The Good Life December 03, 2016 11:59


Working for a vape shop has loads of crazy benefits. One of those crazy benefits is getting to sample a plethora of sample e-juice from overseas makers looking to get a piece of the NZ vape market. While our eliquid is the best around, it never hurts to add some others to the collection.

Now I’ve tried my share of e-liquid and I’ll tell you now it is not all created equally. I’ve had juice that’s left my eyes watering, and others that have rendered me to a Gollum-like creature clutching at the bottle refusing to share with anyone else until the last drips hiss on my RDA. One such sample that particularly piqued my interest was from the guys in Florida who produce Good Life Vapor e-liquid.
Good Life Vapor have a vast range of eliquids and various collections that pair nicely together. Their e-juice isn’t as sickly sweet as a lot of American juices seem to be, and their production complies with the highest standards, much like our own e-liquid.

I decided to first try The Hatter, an e-liquid that is part of their Wonderland Collection. The Hatter is described as “a completely original white tea with a splash of earl grey, youth berries and subtle notes of citrus” and is a well balanced and delicious juice. This bottle mysteriously disappeared.
Next I decided to try Pink Pulldown. I’m not even sure what a pulldown is, but the flavour would suggest it’s yum. Pink Pulldown is a well made raspberry & pomegranate eliquid. This bottle I had to begrudgingly share with Maia.

Seeing how this was progressing I decided we’d have to get some in, if not at the least to save me from being mugged by my co-workers for the remaining samples.

We now stock Good Life Vapor e-juice on our website under the “Imported” tab, and will be adding other imported e-liquids after they’ve passed our fiendish vetting process.