Sophie's Story November 22, 2016 12:25

Having taken up smoking at the tender age of 18, I was surrounded by friends who did the same. There was no impetus to stop, and any attempts to do so were thwarted by envy whenever a buddy lit up around me. I told myself I’d quit before I turned 25, and was quite happy with that logic - it was far off enough that I didn’t have to properly consider quitting. But boy, did I try. Occasionally spite was enough to keep me from smoking for a week, but I’d inevitably crawl back.

But finally another way out appeared on the scene. At first, the cheap, leaky vapes that we first laid our hands on were a source of ridicule, and made us easy joke fodder for our smoking friends. Discouraged, hands covered in juice, many of us went back to smoking.

As more well-designed units appeared on the market, and a brick and mortar store opened up in my city, it became easier and easier to step away from smoking. Vaping was cheaper, healthier, smelled better, and my teeth - they were so white now! Suddenly it was three weeks before I would cave for a cigarette. The guilt would sink in, and I’d give my remaining smokes to an all-too-eager friend. Then I’d try again, with a different juice, different levels of nicotine - and I’d reach six weeks. The next time, eight weeks. The times I revisited cigarettes discouraged me further; reminding me of how much nicer the vape tasted, how much cheaper it was, how much better off I’d be without cigarettes.. Suddenly, I had both the impetus AND the tools necessary to kill off my cigarette addiction. Without vapes? I’d never get that far, and quitting before I turned 25 was a pipe-dream of procrastination. Now, it was a reality.